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What Are The Facts About The Fluorescent Lamp Phase-Out?

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As of July 14, 2014, lighting manufacturers are no longer producing any 700 series lamps. This includes linear fluorescent, U-shaped and some Halogen PAR-shaped general service lamps. As your online source for Ballast, LED Drivers and Inverters, it's our duty to provide you with information that will maximize your purchase.

What's the Reason for the 700 Series Lamp Phase-out?

The U.S. Department of Energy passed a regulation (which actually took effect on July 2012) that enforces the standards established by the Energy Policy of 1992. The policy was created to limit U.S. dependency on international energy and bring clean energy.

An increase in the minimum value of lumens-per-watt (or lumen efficacy), as well as, the minimum value for color rendering is one of the main reasons for the legislation.

How Does this Affect You: The Consumer?

Keep in mind that this policy only mandates that manufacturers permanently halt production on 700 Series lamps. 

T12 Lamp Phase-Out

However, if you are currently using any of the lamps that are being phase-out, you're not in compliance.

Some of the 700 Series lamps include:

  • 4ft Linear T8 and T12 Lamps
  • 2ft U-Shaped T12 Lamps
  • 8ft T12/HO bulbs
  • Halogen PAR-shaped lamps

What Are Some Benefits to Purchasing 800 Series Lamps?

So, the deadline has passed and you're freaking out because you're not in compliance (or that you're lights will suck the life out of your energy bill). However, you're not sure of the benefits of upgrading.

Some Advantages to Purchasing 800 Series Lamps:

  • Improved Color Rendering
  • More Energy Efficiency
  • Longer Lifespan

Your next ballast purchase should follow an upgrade of your lamps. Also, with this new legislation, several manufacturers may offer incentives (such as longer warranty or discounted price) if you combine lamps with ballasts.

If you have any questions regarding lamps, ballasts, or are looking for pricing contact us. 

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