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Even you can find a ballast.

Important Characteristics of a Ballast.

Before starting your search, it is important to note the important characteristics of your ballast. If you are replacing, try to search the product code in our search bar. If that model is on our site, it should pop up immediately. Otherwise, try to have the ballast and/or the lamp it is operating in front of you.

See Article Ballast Specification Checklist.


Use the top navigation menu to find the Category and Sub-Categories that match your particular fixture. For instance, if you have  a high output linear fluorescent high bay, you would hover over Fluorescent > T5 Ballasts > T5HO High Output.

The Nav Bar.

Let's assume you are looking for a 32W T8 linear fluorescent ballast. You can narrow the search quickly by selecting the TYPE, either the yellow (electronic) or red (magnetic) button. Most ballasts today are Electronic, however, some older fixtures will require the heavier, less-efficient Magnetic cases.

See Article Is My Ballast Electronic or Magnetic?

How Many Lamps do you Need? Choose 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 lamps beneath the NUMBER OF LAMPS field. If your fixture uses two ballasts (example: a 4-lamp fixture with two 2-lamp ballasts), you can often swap them out with a single 4-lamp ballast.

Number of Lamps.

What is your Lamp Wattage? It's often best to have the lamp or bulb in front of you to inspect the stamp. Typically lamps are identified by lamp codes like CFQ13W (13-watts) or F32T8 (32-watt).

If you know the exact lamp code, you can really narrow down the search by looking under OPERATES (at the very bottom of the vertical search bar). Otherwise, select the WATTAGE value below just below NUMBER OF LAMPS. Your search should be pretty narrow, but lets go even deeper!

See Article Guide to Fluorescent Lamp Codes.

What is your Buildings Input Voltage? If you are in the United States, its probably 120V or 277V. Canada, European and certain heavy industrial customers will have different voltage requirements.

What is the Start Method? Typically applies only to fluorescent ballasts. The easiest way to identify the start method (the way the lamps turn on) is to simply look at the ballast you are trying to replace. It will typically say something like "rapid start" or "instant start."  

See Article Identifying Your Ballast Starting Method.

You're almost there! Look for the Sort By: drop-down button to the right of the search filter (next to YOUR REFINEMENTS). Select "Price: Low to High" to show the most cost-effective solutions first.











Select the ballast that looks most like the ballast you are trying to replace. Ensure that the dimensions of the ballast will fit your particular fixture. Always look at the original manufacturer's spec sheet for the most accurate lamping specifications.

Voila! You just found a ballast. If you still have issues, give us a call anytime 24/7 at 800.887.9957.

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