It’s a story of theft, currency and ballast!

In our ongoing attempt to provide our readers with the most updated news in the industry, we have vowed to not leave any stone unturned. With that being said, it has come to our attention that our namesake (or product name) has recently been referenced in an article that has nothing to do with our industry. Did you know digital currency too needs a ballast to operate?

Well, according to a recent article published in Techcrunch, the phenomenon, known as, Bitcoin has gained some perceived value (or ballast) in the world of as start-up companies are beginning to fund the building of virtual underground vaults in mountainous regions.

What we thought was interesting, is that the publication cleverly used the term “ballast’ in the title of the article as a way to emphasis the stability that this technology is starting to gain.

Chalk one up for the Ballasts Team!

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