Bodine Emergency Ballast Cross Reference Guide

As we discussed before in an article, Philips Bodine is one of the most expensive emergency lighting brands out there. You'll also have to be patient, since certain models can take as long as 2 months to finally reach you.

Use this helpful Bodine Cross Reference Tool to find equivalent models from Hubbell Dual-Lite, Keystone Technologies and Fulham Co. There are also a number of inexpensive, quick-to-ship emergency ballasts from Howard Lighting (not listed) that are perfectly acceptable crosses for normal voltage fixtures between 500-1400 Lumens.

Beghelli USA also offers a number of low-profile and specialty units. Please call us at 800.887.9957 to get a custom quote for Bodine and equivalent* model emergency ballasts.

Bodine Part Price Dual-Lite Keystone Fulham
B94CGU $103.28 UFO-CF1   FH1-DUAL-750CFL
B94CG $114.95   KT-EMRG-750-CFL5  
B94GU $103.28      
B84CG $151.94 UFO-CF2    
B4CFG $231.42      
B4CF3 Cold-Pak $154.13      
B4CF2 Cold-Pak $173.39      
B4CF3 $154.13      
B75C $198.61      
CF94GU $103.29  *OEM Only*  *OEM Only*  *OEM Only*
LP500 $131.89   Keystone KT-EMRG-500-T6  
LP550 $131.89 UFO-LP1 KT-EMRG-800-T5 FH10-DUAL-500L
LP600 $145.99 UFO-LP2 KT-EMRG-1300-T5 FH8-DUAL-1300L or FH9-DUAL-800L
LP600STU $246.061      
B30ST $319.99 UFO-7WI    
B50ST $198.61 UFO-6WI (LFL only). UFO-CF2 (CFL)    
B74CST $60.00      
GEN3 $316.45      
B30 $399.99 UFO-7W   FH6-DUAL-300L
B50 $159.99 UFO-6W (LFL Only). UFO-CF2 (CFL) KT-EMRG-1400 FH5-DUAL-1400L
B50Cold-Pak $182.73 UFO-6W-CLD (LFL Only). UFO-CF2-CLD (CFL)    
B50RCT $222.46      
B60 $101.71 UFO-5AW (LFL only). UFO-CF1 (CFL) KT-EMRG-700 FH4-DUAL-700L
BHD65U $209.99      
B70A $92.17 UFO-5W (LFL Only). UFO-CF1 (CFL)    
B90 $77.87 UFO-4W (LFL Only). UFO-CF1 (CFL)    
B100 $59.99 UFO-3AW (LFL Only). UFO-CF1 (CFL) KT-EMRG-500 FH3-DUAL-450L
B413 $126.45      
B426 $239.45      
B463 $134.07   KT-EMRG-650-CFL2  
B4CF2P $239.45 UFO-CF2-CLD    
B4CF2PC $60.42      
B100LP $195.45   KT-EMRG-500-SL  
B50LP $160.88   KT-EMRG-1400-SL.  
B60LP $107.41   KT-EMRG-700-SL  
LP400 $98.99   KT-EMRG-500-T5.  
AK175PLS $568.45      
AK400PLS $568.45      
AK400PLS-208 $543.45      
AK400PLS-240 $568.45      
Arctic 175PLS $243.95      
Arctic 400PLS $543.45      
eAK39 $365.99      
ELI-S-20 $365.71 UFO-LED25    
RMC-60   F-WC   FHWC2


*DISCLAIMER: Some of the emergency ballasts and accessories listed ARE NOT exact crosses, and are typically designed to operate the primary lamp type (linear fluorescent, CFL, circline) of the assocaited Bodine model. Please compare the specification sheets for both the crossover model and the original Bodine model before purchase.

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